Malibu is the world's best-selling rum with coconut flavor and is sold in more than 120 countries. The new bottle, which was inspired by the white and sandy beaches of Barbados, has a unique shape that reflects the round taste of coconut. Together with the classic yet updated logo with two palm trees the full design highlights the Caribbean roots of this summer favorite.


Summer is the time of the year when we feel the most free and happy. And Malibu is all about summer. All marketing communication is focused on helping people to live the best summer possible. The latest global campaign, titled ”Because summer”, has captured that specific feeling of summer freedom in everything from experiental activations, TV, trade and social media together. 

Together with the specially written track ”Light it Up” by US-artist Major Lazer Maliuby taps in to those desired summer vibes we all need to feel from time to time.


Malibu has become increasingly popular with young adults, who are always looking for new products and the latest trends. To keep up with this demand and the lust to experience new things Malibu keeps innovating its’ product rangeOne example is the launch of Malibu Rum Sparkler, a carbonated blend of Caribbean rum and coconut water. Malubu Rum Sparkler comes inpeach, berry and coconut flavors and was launched in a time when people started showing an increasing interest in coconut water. Several new ready-to-drink cocktails have also been launched to cater to the summer beach party.
And the work is paying off as Malibu’s position as a contemporary, easygoing and unpretentious brand is gaining new ground all around the world and especially in China were new pre-mixed cocktails are growing in popularity.