Around the World We Share Responsibly and Act Sustainably

At The Absolut Company, our ethos is grounded in the philosophy of one source and one community. We are driven by a passion for progression, and to take a stance in areas where we can make a difference.

We believe that with great brands comes great responsibility. Taking responsibility is a way of
building competitive advantage and achieving sustainable business success.

All businesses, and people alike have a responsibility to monitor and work in a sustainable way – it is not only beneficial but also everyone’s responsibility to be part of creating a world we would like to live in.

Our products have different starting points and we draw on their unique strengths, needs and opportunities to protect the environment and the places where our products are made.

We also support the people we work with and encourage responsible consumption. This work requires continuous improvement and effort from all of us.

Together we create the world we want to live in. Passionate people make a difference.