Private life

Smith’s five most spectacular disputes

L.O. Smith’s short temper is well documented. He had countless arguments in his life, with everyone from businessmen to governments. Read about five of his most spectacular disputes. Smith’s humiliating […]

Smith the family man

At the age of 23, Lars Olsson worked in the Old Town of Stockholm. This is where he spotted the 17-year-old Marie-Louise Collin, and he could not take his eyes […]

A child is born

On October 12, 1836, farmers Lusse Pehrsdotter and Ola Persson had their third child in Kiaby, Skåne, east of Kristianstad in southern Sweden. They gave the child the name Lars […]

Landowning farmers in Blekinge

On July 21 this year, Lars Olsson’s parents bought the farm Sjöarpsgården in Blekinge and so became landowners. The building had two floors and was 3.2 meters high, 18.29 meters […]

A life-changing meeting

When Lars Olsson was seven years old, the consul Carl Smith came to collect a debt. Smith was a wholesaler and one of Karlshamn’s most prominent people. As Lars was […]

Four lifelong promises

The next day, Lars reflected on the terrible state of many people he had seen out at night. He set up four principles that he would stick to throughout his […]

Heading for Stockholm

After the commercial success of his early shop work, L.O. Smith was keen to pursue his career. When his mother died in 1853, he decided to go to Stockholm. Through […]

Smith’s career in the harbor

L.O. Smith needed a job. At Skeppsholmen in the Old Town of Stockholm, he ran into an acquaintance from home. Apparently the acquaintance had such a bad hangover that he […]

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