Social reforms

From workers’ groups to suffrage rights

L.O. Smith’s workers’ groups didn’t last long. The groups lacked suitable leaders, and many people were busy with other engagements. Smith wanted the workers to contribute more actively to the […]

The liquor factory in Karlshamn

To meet the demand from the Spanish market, L.O. Smith decided to open a new factory in his hometown of Karlshamn. Situated on the southeast coast of Sweden, the geographical […]

What happened next: Suffrage

On February 2, 1889, L.O. Smith submitted a proposal for extended male voting rights to the Swedish parliament. The same year, the Social Democratic Labor Party was founded, and the […]

What happened next: The post bank

The post bank was L.O. Smith’s idea to boost workers’ financial security. Converting post offices into banks would make banking services more accessible, through longer opening hours and better geographical […]

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