The entrepreneur

L.O. Smith in the press

The Swedish press loved the successful, feisty business man L.O. Smith. He was not scared to cause a stir – even when his opinions opposed the authorities. In addition, his […]

L.O. Smith’s first job

At the age of 10, Lars did not want to be a burden to his benefactor Mr. Smith any longer. After getting his approval, he took up employment with the […]

L.O. Smith’s second job

The PR success at Skottsberg’s shop did not pass unnoticed. Within one year, Smith was offered an annual salary of SEK 300 from the competitor Cervin. The 11-year-old Smith kept […]

Conflict with a new employer

After finding accommodation in Stockholm, L.O. Smith’s next challenge was to find a job. He went to a Mr Åkerman on Stora Badstugatan (today’s Sveavägen road). After demonstrating his results […]

Smith’s career in the harbor

L.O. Smith needed a job. At Skeppsholmen in the Old Town of Stockholm, he ran into an acquaintance from home. Apparently the acquaintance had such a bad hangover that he […]

The second vodka war at Fjäderholmarna

By the time Stockholm’s five-year alcohol policy expired, L.O. Smith had already started his own business in Karlshamn. The company exported spirits to Spain, but the profit was so modest […]

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