World’s largest coffee Liqueur.
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Born in the coastal region of Veracruz, Mexico and still produced there today, the world’s largest coffee liqueur dates all the way back to 1936. 100% Arabica beans – handpicked by local farmers – and sugar cane spirit make up the instantly recognizable rich coffee notes, with hints of vanilla and chocolate. Today, Kahlúa is sold in 150 markets and has earned its place at the top of the world’s preferred liqueur lists, and we’re proud.


Without Kahlúa, certain timeless cocktails wouldn’t be part of our lives. The Espresso Martini was born in 1984 by late and great bartender Dick Bradsell, when a known model strolled into his bar with a rather particular request. The creamy, old reliable White Russian was made famous by 90’s cult flick The Big Lebowski.


We are forever grateful to the coffee farmers who make our beloved Kahlúa possible, and it’s for this reason that we teamed up with Mexican NGO Fondo para la Paz to launch Coffee for Change. Through this project, we aim to help improve living conditions for farmers and their families by educating them in sustainable practices, techniques and farming methods to increase their harvest yields and coffee quality. At the same time protect and preserve the environment. The project currently takes place in the villages of Ocotempa, Oxtotitla, Atempa and Coxititla

Our ultimate plan? To source 100% of Kahlua’s coffee from these four villages by 2022. That’s 300 tons of premium-grade green coffee, sustainably sourced and fairly priced.