Liberating the spirit of summer.
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Appropriately nicknamed “the spirit of summer”, Malibu is the world’s top-selling Caribbean rum and quintessential poolside beverage. The world famous Malibu Original Coconut, in its sleek, white bottle, is sold in over 120 countries. Other summer-themed offerings include ever-evolving new fruit flavours, a growing convenience range and beer.

Which came first?

Malibu was born out of instinct. Bartenders wanted a way to make the classic piña colada quickly and easily, so it only made sense to give the key ingredients – rum and coconut – a certain shorthand. Coconut flavored rum quickly found a life of its own. Today, Malibu is indispensable to the piña colada… and to any bartender’s collection.

Home of the coconut

We cut no corners, which is why Malibu is distilled in the Caribbean: where coconuts call home. It’s thanks to Barbados, in particular, that our beloved summer liqueur is so fresh, unique and high quality. Malibu is proudly made for us and for you by the tropical island’s West Indies Rum Distillery.