What do you know about the man on the Absolut seal?

In the 19th century, the Swedish industrialist and politician L.O. Smith was one the most famous people in the country. Today, we know him as the man on the seal of the Absolut vodka bottles.

L. O. Smith and Karlshamn

The bustling port town of Karlshamn was where L. O. Smith spent his formative years. It was there that as a child he was taken under the wing of his […]

L.O. Smith in the press

The Swedish press loved the successful, feisty business man L.O. Smith. He was not scared to cause a stir – even when his opinions opposed the authorities. In addition, his […]

The travels of L.O. Smith

L.O. Smith had an international mindset. If we wanted to meet people, practice the seven languages he knew, or finalize a business deal, he would never allow distance to be […]

Smith’s five most spectacular disputes

L.O. Smith’s short temper is well documented. He had countless arguments in his life, with everyone from businessmen to governments. Read about five of his most spectacular disputes. Smith’s humiliating […]

Smith the family man

At the age of 23, Lars Olsson worked in the Old Town of Stockholm. This is where he spotted the 17-year-old Marie-Louise Collin, and he could not take his eyes […]

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